I’m writing this blog update on Memorial Day, May 25, 2020. The world as we have known it has been forever changed by the Coronavirus pandemic. As of this date, businesses are just now starting to re-open and folks are emerging from their self-imposed isolation and our economy is beginning the long journey towards recovery. AND, I’m looking for an open restaurant so I can go in and sit down and have a nice meal that I didn’t cook!

I have not done much piano work in the last 3 months, at first because I had carpal-tunnel surgery at the end of February. Just as I was recovering enough from that to think about working again, the suggested self isolation was in full swing and nobody wanted an unfamiliar person in their home. Only in the last week or so have people gotten so sick of their out of tune pianos that I have started getting tuning calls again. I feel it prudent to say that I have taken necessary precautions to stay safe and avoid places and people that would pose unnecessary risks to the well-being of myself and those that I love! I would hope that my potential customers would have the same common sense attitude and not invite me into their homes if there are any known virus risks. Plainly stated, I’m not sick nor have I been knowningly exposed to the Coronavirus. I will not come to your house if there is even a remote chance that I have been exposed. I trust that any potential customer will extend the same courtesy to me!

This would probably be a good time, while I am ruminating, to update you on the last 4 years of my life if you are at all interested. In April of 2016, my wife of nearly 36 years passed away. It was sudden and unexpected and has changed the life of my family forever. My wife did get to meet her first grandchild, but there has been an addition to our family since her passing. I now have 2 grandchildren whom I try to spoil regularly. I lost a piano playing job I had held for 8 years, but have since become the piano player for a gospel quartet, and keyboardist for a musical missions group. We have been fortunate enough to take 2 trips to Spain in our ministry. Another trip to Spain was scheduled for this year, but has been cancelled so we are planning on playing locally to raise funds for local food banks. Life goes on and I continue to seek to serve my God and my neighbors and friends in whatever way is needed.

The current events and atmosphere have had the effect on me of a rare inward look of re-evaluating my priorities. I have noticed similar musings from friends and acquaintances. What once seemed so important doesn’t now, and things I never paid much attention to now demand much more of my time and attention. I think that’s a good thing, and probably something I need to do periodically! It is my prayer that in the re-evaluation process, I can apply God’s wisdom and make a change for the better. I pray that for you too!

I suppose this is enough ruminating for today. Thanks for “tuning” in!

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