Piano Tuning:  I have recently retired from piano tuning.  After 40 plus years tuning in the Dallas area I have decided to bow out of the tuning business.  I suppose semi-retirement would be the more appropriate description as I will still remain active in pursuit of servicing pianos that require help beyond tuning.  See below for a description of my other services.

Repair: I can repair anything in a piano from a “sticky key” to a cracked soundboard, and everything in between. Repair costs cannot be determined until the piano problem has been assessed.

Action regulation: The piano keys and associated mechanism that allows you to play the piano is a machine with hundreds of parts called the piano “action”. A “regulation” is the mechanical adjustment of the action. Like any finely crafted machine, the action must be adjusted from time to time to remain efficient and pleasant to play.

Voicing: The process of regulating the tone of the piano.

Rebuilding and Restoration: Eventually, even the best quality instruments wear out. Strings and action parts break, finishes fade or darken with age, soundboards crack, bridges split, and pianos can become un-tuneable for many reasons. What once was a lovely instrument is now a very big piece of furniture that nobody knows what to do with. These once magnificent pianos can be rebuilt and restored to their former glory. I have extensive experience rebuilding all brands of pianos, both uprights and grands. Call me for an estimate!