Welcome to Joe Tom McDonald, Piano Tuner Extraordinaire,

a Registered Piano Technician with the Piano Technicians’ Guild, serving the Dallas area with excellent piano repair and rebuilding services.

Pianos can be a big investment. With proper care, a piano can last a lifetime, and be a source of education, entertainment and enjoyment for your entire family. Without proper care and maintenance, a piano can lose tune, fall into disrepair and even have its lifetime shortened by decades – putting your investment at serious risk.

Whatever service your piano requires is within the scope of my services and experience. Although I have recently retired from piano tuning, I will continue to offer piano repair and rebuilding services like I have in the Dallas area since 1983.

My work is first rate. I run a one-man shop where I make all repairs and decisions regarding your piano, so you can be sure to get my best services. I work hard to earn the trust of each of my clients and will take care of your instrument.